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Hover Board Buyers Guide


Buyer's Guide Self Balancing scootersOkay, so there are tons of different manufacturers that make these hoverboard Segway devices. The question is, how do you know which brand is going to last you the longest and be the most durable on the street? Also, how do you know which brands actually took the time to properly test their products to ensure quality and assurance?

Below is a brief overview of some of the top brands ranging from very expensive all the way down to very cheap. If you’re going to go the cheap route, make sure that the brand you are thinking of buying doesn’t have any bad press or isn’t known to malfunction or break down after only a few sessions of use.

Inventist (Hovertrax)

Hovertrax HoverboardThis is actually the very first two wheel self balancing board that was well, invented. The company initially set off a Kickstarter campaign that gained momentum and allowed them to bring the Hovertrax to the United States in late 2014. It wasn’t until later that companies like IO Hawk and Phunkeeduck came along with their designs.

The Hovertrax is a fairly sturdy and well built device that moves very smoothly at slow speeds. The manufacturer’s retail box says that it can move at a top speed of 5 miles per hour, although it actually has the capability of going almost twice that speed and more.

If you’re looking to support the original creator, then Inventist is probably the brand that you will be looking for. Although, if you don’t really don’t mind what type of hoverboard you purchase, then make sure you take a look at the options below.

Range: Approx. 9 Miles, Max Speed: 5 mph, Max Load: 220 lbs, Charge Time: 30 min


Phunkeeduck electric scooterThis is actually one of the first brands we’ve ever heard of. We were able to catch a video of it on YouTube where Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx we’re fooling around while introducing it to the American population. We have to say that it looked really cool, and is what started our obsession for these hands free Segway boards.

The Phunkeeduck is actually one of the more well built and sturdy boards to ride on. It’s very stable while running at slow speeds and also while running at faster speeds. Its maximum speed is said to be around 12 miles per hour, although it is possible to go a little bit faster. The Phunkeeduck is one of the more expensive boards, although you know you’re getting quality inside and out when you buy one these instead of the majority of cheaper brands from China.

Range: Approx. 10 Miles, Max Speed: 12 mph, Max Load: 300 lbs, Charge Time: 2-3 hrs

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IO Hawk

IO Hawk segway hoverboardAgain another one of the more expensive brands, IO Hawk is a very well known manufacturer in the hoverboard scene. They actually claim to be one of the first manufacturers of the self balancing scooter, even before Phunkeeduck. Actually if you look very carefully in the video with Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx they’re actually riding an IO Hawk with a “Phunkeeduck sticker” placed on the front.

In our opinion Phunkeeduck and IO Hawk both make excellent boards and it doesn’t really matter to us who came out with them first.

Range: Approx. 12.4 Miles, Max Speed: 6.2 mph, Max Load: 280 lbs, Charge Time: 2-3 hrs


Swagway Box hoverboardSwagway is another very well known brand aside from the names mentioned above. At first I thought this was kind of a play on words for a very sad knockoff company. Although, after doing some investigation we have come to realize that this company makes some very strong and long lasting products. They come with a Samsung lithium ion battery that should not break as easily as some of the other cheaper brands.

Don’t be fooled by any boxes that say Smart Balance wheel on them as these are not official Swagway branded hoverboards. The official box will say Swagway on it.

The Swagway specs are somewhat similar to the IO Hawk and Phunkeeduck. That says a lot for a board that is almost one-third of the price.

Range: Approx. 10 Miles, Max Speed: 10 mph, Max Load: 222 lbs, Charge Time: 2-3 hrs


Oxboard self balancing scooterTo be honest, Oxboard is probably one of the more stylish looking hands free scooters that we have seen. Just its design alone catches your eye and its colors are very calm and sleek. It’s manufacturer is actually based out of Europe and is designed by Dutch manufacturers.

You can find this board in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and all the other places throughout Europe. You can also find a selection available in the United States as well.

Again, this boards specs are very similar to what is offered by the above models and is definitely a reputable brand to look out for.

Range: Approx. 9-12.4 Miles, Max Speed: 9.3 mph, Max Load: 265 lbs, Charge Time: 2-3 hrs

Third Party or Chinese Retailers

When ordering from a third party reseller or from anywhere in China, you want to make sure that their products are made durable and not with cheap internal parts. Many third-party dealers even on Amazon simply order from China and re-brand with a sticker on the front. Be careful as it has been reported that many of these brands break down very easily and or don’t last for a very long time.

One thing you want to be sure of is the type of battery that is inside of your hoverboard Segway. Try to avoid no name Chinese battery brands and try to ensure that you’re only looking at products that use name brand trusted internal parts and batteries. We do our best to only list well liked brands that meet the above qualities.
Extreme Wheels Website for Hoverboards

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**Try to make sure that with whatever manufacturer you buy comes a brand name battery. There have been many reports that this is a key factor to hoverboards breaking down prematurely or not charging properly. Sticking with the brand names above and doing your due diligence will help reduce your risk of running into this type of problem.**

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